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Making your dream of living
and working in Australia a reality.

Does the thought of blue skies, hot days and cold beer sound appealing to you? The lifestyle in Australia is one of the best in the world – and it could be yours to enjoy too! 

Let our “Expert Onshoring” visa application process work for you. It’s:

  • Cost Effective
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Fast Application Turnaround
  • Includes partners and children
  • Removes the risk of doing it yourself
Never have we met a professional that has made us feel so comfortable and at ease in such a highly intense and sensitive situation.
From UK now living in Adelaide

Expert Onshoring - Immigration Law Experts

At Petty Sampson, we’ve spent the last 20 years refining our skills in immigration law and we are fully trained in reading, understanding and applying Australian law to the immigration process.

Managed Work Visa Applications for Medical, Professional and Sporting People

Did you know that the speed and success of your visa being processed comes down to how well your forms are filled out. Quite literally, the quality of your application can make or break your chances of living and working in Australia.

However, the reality is that Australian immigration law is a complex matter that doesn’t always end well.

Wouldn’t it be a tragedy to find an employer who is prepared to do an employer-sponsored application, only to miss out on the opportunity because you didn’t understand the requirements of the visa application or you filled out the application form incorrectly!

With our “Expert Onshoring” visa application process, you can be sure that your visa application meets the highest standard of Australian Immigration law and that you will have the best chance of arriving in Australia to start your new life.

The "Expert Onshoring" experience for Individuals

Did you know that there are dozens of reasons for a visa to be refused. Some common ones are:

  • Inadequate Information
  • Invalid or damaged passport
  • Fail to meet Australia’s health requirements
  • Lack of Financial Support Proof
  • Lack of Professional Help
  • Improper ties to your home country
  • Past Criminal Records
  • Failure to demonstrate genuine position
  • Incorrect ANZSCO occupation alignment
  • Not meeting Labour Market Testing requirements
  • Not having 2 years of post-qualification experience
  • Substantial compliance with previous visa conditions


Now, some of these are obvious but, do you know what’s required to demonstrate a genuine position? What about selecting the correct Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) occupation. Putting down the wrong category could spell the end of your new life in Australia

The good news is that we are experts in understanding and interpreting the immigration law and have years of experience as an immigration lawyer. We can help you to prepare a robust visa application that will be favourably processed.

The "Expert Onshoring" experience for Companies

If the skills you need in your organisation are currently overseas, the important thing is to streamline the application process and get them here as quickly as possible. Would you rather try to gather the information yourself and try to put together an application, or hand over the job to an expert who can do it for you?

Our managed visa applications will ensure you get the expertise you need into your organisation or team by using our “Expert Onshoring” visa application process. You will get the benefit of getting the right person into your organisation without having to worry about the legalities or complexities of the immigration process.

If you’re an HR manager at a company and simply want to take the stress out of getting an application processed, there are some very good reasons to use PSI Lawyers:

  • Getting the application processed quickly and accurately will make you look good in your employer’s eyes
  • Having us do the work for you will make this a stress-free process
  • We can customise the application to ensure there are no harsh visa conditions attached to your new hire

Why does the quality of your visa application matter?

A visa application is a legal document. Anything that goes on to that document can follow you for years to come and can impact:

  • Whether your application is approved
  • The conditions that are applied to your visa
  • The time taken for the application to be approved

Are there options other than an immigration lawyer?

Of course.

The alternative is a Registered Migration Agent and there are some very good ones out there. You can find a list at the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). The difference is that they are not necessarily lawyers and, as you can see from the Department of Home Affairs website:

A registered migration agent cannot:

  • fast-track the processing period
  • guarantee you a visa

We have developed our Expert Onshoring process from over 20+ years of practical experience. This is a fully managed visa application service where we take clients through a detailed process to ensure your Australian visa application is dealt with efficiently and accurately. We help individuals – or companies looking to sponsor individuals –get not only the applicant into the country, but their family too, if necessary. Leaving family behind can be a huge stress and be highly distracting for the person immigrating but knowing there are steps in place to get their family to Australia using a family or partner visa.

Therefore, you get a much happier employee who can add value to your organisation.

Any person who uses our Expert Onshoring process will save themselves hours of research and remove the risk of making a mistake in their application which will ruin their chances of a successful application.

Has the covid-19 pandemic separated you from your partner?

When we say that getting your visa application correct is important, we couldn’t be more serious.

Every three minutes someone gains permanent residency in Australia but every year more than 40,000 visa applications are rejected.

But, at the same time, there are thousands of people who are approved each year because they have understood the importance of getting their paperwork right.

Imagine that. 40,000 applications that are rejected because there was a problem with their paperwork that leads to a visa refusal!

Take “Joe” for example…

Joe and his employer decided to do their own sponsored work visa application to save money. They did their best to fill out the application forms correctly but didn’t understand a critical question on the form. By putting down an incorrect response, the application was rejected and, what’s worse, Joe lost his review rights and was forced to leave the country. The only way he could reapply was to fill in a new application while offshore and wait for it to be processed. Luckily Joe used an immigration lawyer the second time around who was able to fix the mistake in the application and get him back to Australia.

Can you imagine how devastated Joe was while this was going on? Having to return to his home country and leave his beautiful life in Australia.

Joe was a highly-skilled worker and his application for a visa extension should have been smooth sailing but, instead, it was an expensive, disruptive and highly emotional  time for Joe and his employer – who lost access to a great employee while all this was going on.

Don’t be like Joe. Our Expert Onshoring process would have prevented this from happening by ensuring the application was completed and lodged correctly.

Frequently asked questions

Lots of online resources to make you think you can do it yourself. The government gets the application fee either way, but they don’t tell you how hard it can be, and they don’t tell you that you need to understand legal documents properly to get the application right. Therefore, you end up spending hours of time and thousands of dollars and run the risk of becoming one of the 40,000 visa refusals each year. You might be able to argue your case with the migration review tribunal but that just adds time and cost to the process. Therefore the best approach is to get the application correct the first time around. We ensure to only include accurate information for each visa type to represent clients in the best possible light. Our assistance is highly professional and you can be sure that we will advise you of your rights and obligations before we start working on your documents.

We get it. You might be living overseas in a different time zone but want to chat about your application. That’s fine, we don’t mind taking a call after hours. That’s one of the differences between us and other law firms – we don’t start the timer every time the phone rings. And we know you’ll have questions. Anyone who is planning to pack up and live overseas should have questions and we take the time to answer them because answering your questions helps us produce the best application we can. Therefore, the time we spend with you up front, saves us all time down the track.

Our aim is for you to have the best immigration experience that you possibly can.

Australian Visa applications can take, in some cases, months to process, so the best time to get started is now.

The government freely publishes information about how to apply for an Australian visa but, unless you’re a lawyer (who’s trained in Australian law), you can be sure it will be extremely difficult to put together a visa application that is as good as one produced by an immigration lawyer.  With 20+ years as a lawyer who has specialised in immigration law, you can be sure that an application prepared by Petty Sampson Immigration will be prepared in a way that maximises your chance of a successful outcome and streamlines the process as much as possible.

We are extremely confident that our Expert Onshoring process will remove the need to ever have to worry about whether there is a mistake on your application.

Firstly, we ensure upfront that the criteria for the grant of the visa is thoroughly met, so a refusal can be avoided. We will not lodge unless we are fully satisfied that this criteria is met. If an application is refused, and appeal rights are available, we discuss the merits of lodging an appeal. It is very important that an applicant’s appeal rights are maintained so that they can  remain lawfully on shore until the original visa application is finally determined. I discuss this process in detail with the clients.

We talk to you about your visa options including upgrading visas to permanent residency, complex migration matters, the application process and frankly, the entire visa process. Our legal advice is at the heart of our Expert Onshoring process and your employment opportunities are only increased.

If you’ve ever had to fill out a legal document like a passport, you would understand how important it is to have everything perfect on the form. Making a mistake can mean having to fill out a new form and resubmit it. The difference with a visa application is that, if you make a mistake, that mistake stays in the system forever and can affect future applications also. The solution is simple, but effective – using an immigration lawyer guarantees that these types of mistakes are not going to haunt you forever. Therefore, your dream of a new life in Australia can still be a reality.

Should you become a client of Petty Sampson?

Good question.

We love to work with people who understand that preparing a quality visa application is a complex process that requires skills and expertise. We want people who value good customer service from an expert in their field. Our favourites are those people who are looking to trust someone to help them achieve their goal of a new life in Australia. Finally, we love helping people who are in HR roles who want to outsource the application process to an expert so it just happens smoothly.

If this is you, then book a time to have a chat to find out how we can help you.

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