I’m Michelle, and I’m Here to Simplify Your Visa Applications

My promise to you

I am committed to serving my clients in a respectful, quiet and no-nonsense way while respecting and honouring the Australian immigration laws.

As an immigration lawyer, I am deeply invested in helping you make your Australian dream a reality, which is why my success rate is so high. My services go beyond just paperwork and submissions. I am here to listen to you if you want to tell me about your life, offer comfort if you need to cry, answer your questions about the process, or create a safe space to vent about it – all at no extra charge.

This is who I am, and this is how Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers ensure your application process is as stress-free as possible.

Michelle of Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers

About Me

I am a devoted and caring immigration lawyer who sees more to your situation than just paperwork. I genuinely care about you, the ‘person’ behind the application, and about assisting you to start a new Australian life without providing false hope.

Providing professional, caring and effective immigration legal services in a timely manner is my passion, as are the positive relationships I build with my clients. I believe it is a privilege to practice immigration law in Australia, and my thorough understanding of the associated complexities will ensure you receive compassionate, effective representation.

Memberships and Qualifications