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If you’re searching for a dependable immigration lawyer in Adelaide, look no further than Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers. With over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of successful outcomes, I provide expert guidance and high-quality applications for various visa subclasses with meticulous attention to detail. My experience, backed by a clear understanding of the complexities involved in immigration law, ensures that you receive high-quality advice. I deliver personalised and effective advice by building a genuine relationship with you to fully comprehend your unique situation, requirements, and both your long-term and short-term life plans.

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Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers Are Adelaide's Trusted Immigration Law Experts

Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers in Adelaide specialise in helping individuals and families navigate the complex world of immigration law. I provide expert support to help you successfully apply for the appropriate visa that will help you achieve the immigration status that allows you to live your Australian dream. Whether obtaining temporary or permanent visas or even representing you in deportation proceedings, Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers are genuinely invested in your success.

As an experienced immigration lawyer, I evaluate your unique situation to determine the best course of action based on your current immigration status, future plans, and legal rights. I prepare and file all necessary paperwork, including visa applications, petitions, and appeals, on your behalf, ensuring your application is of the highest quality to increase your chances of success.

A poor-quality application may lead to visa rejection and require a reapplication or appeal. Avoiding this is easy with an immigration lawyer dedicated to high-quality applications with high attention to detail. An immigration lawyer like me!

I review your unique circumstances and work tirelessly to ensure your submission satisfies all criteria and includes all necessary documentation. Throughout the process, I maintain communication with government agencies to keep you updated on your application status and address any issues or concerns that may arise.

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Why Choose Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers?

Applying for an Australian visa can be overwhelming and time-consuming. I will help alleviate your stress by providing a smooth application process. As an experienced and passionate immigration lawyer, I provide tailored advice and support to help you understand your legal rights and visa options. Whatever your reasons for coming to Australia, I am an expert in the field here to guide you through the complex application process with care and compassion. I’m passionate about helping people enjoy our beautiful country and am genuinely invested in the successful outcome of your application.

What’s more, my services go beyond your paperwork and submission. I am here to talk. If you need to, answer your questions or simply provide a safe space free of judgement to vent about the process.

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Never have we met a professional that has made us feel so comfortable and at ease in such a highly intense and sensitive situation.


From UK now living in Adelaide

Michelle was very helpful in facilitating my partner visa application from the UK. She processed all the information that my partner and I provided very quickly. She responded promptly to our (multiple) questions. Using her experience Michelle presented our data in a way that suited the Immigration Services. An excellent helpful, high quality service! Well worth the fee.


I feel so blessed to have been supported by Ms. Michelle Petty-Sampson throughout the process of my work visa application. Thanks to her expertise, my visa was approved within a miraculously short period of time. At the early stage, Michelle has been patient to explain all possible options for me. After understanding my constraints, Michelle has been so compassionate putting my application at top priority. Special thanks to her professional assistance, and especially indebted to her for the tremendous effort, contacting the immi department daily at the final stage updating the progress. We are packing happily now, looking forward to our first warm X'mas in Australia.


Michelle is the most incredible, knowledgeable, kind, caring woman and Lawyer I’ve ever met. Our experience throughout gaining my husbands visa to live in Australia has been incredibly stressful, but Michelle took so much of the stress and pressure off of us, kept us regularly updated, and was so caring!! I would, and have already, highly recommended her to everyone who I know could use some assistance!!! Thanks once again Michelle!! We can’t thank you enough.


Michelle was excellent and single handedly got my visa application back on track and approved. Prior to involving Michelle, I had been liaising with my prospective manager for three months trying to get the visa sorted to no avail. Once Michelle and her immigration expertise was on board the process smoothly accelerated.


I have recently move over to Australia from the uk with my husband who is a Australian citizen. We were applying for my partner visa to stay here with him. We came up against a challenge with my application and needed a lawyer to help up get over the line and the visa approved. Michelle tock on our case and was amazing the whole way through she helped us find all the information we needed and worked super hard on our case keeping us posted and supporting us through a very stressful time, and we have now had the visa approved which is amazing and gas elevated the stress and worries we were going through. Thanks you so much Michelle!!


It was great working with Michelle, she is very kind, responding quickly and giving good advice. We received our visum quickly thanks to her strategy and help.


How Can Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers Help Me?

Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers have experience with successful applications and appeals for all kinds of visas for various circumstances. Including, but not limited to:

Corporate Services

We assist companies who need to secure and retain foreign workers with the following services:

Individual Services

We assist individual applicants who need to consider all strategic options for a pathway forward:

Petty Sampson Immigration Lawyers Provide Compassionate, Reliable Immigration Legal Advice

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