Having Me as Your Immigration Lawyer Will Make a World of Difference

I am extremely grateful and privileged to have worked with some incredible clients who genuinely deserve to call Australia home. To witness their joy at the end of a long journey is one of life’s most rewarding moments. That is why I do this work.

I share their stories here.

Success Stories


I first arrived in Australia on a tourist visa to visit my sister in Canberra. She asked me what I thought of Australia and I said “I love it and I want to study here”. I then applied for a student visa and spent about 3-4 years studying and doing a placement in my field. After this I decided to apply for permanent residency. I felt this is a good start for a new life. I have a job I love. My employer is very supportive and treats me well.

In my heart I feel great relief knowing that I now have a real future here. There were times when I did not think this would happen. I am really excited to know that I can work in my field as a permanent resident. I am also dreaming of owning my own place one day. It is so good to know that I can stay here and see my family whenever I want, unlike before when I was always sacred that I may have to leave and not be able to see them again.

The day I received my PR was life changing. I have so many choices now. I feel free to have the kind of life I want. I can work, go out with my friends, go to the gym and enjoy the beautiful beaches in Adelaide.

It was worth it, because although it cost a lot of money and time, and the process was difficult, it was the people around me who helped me with my visas who made the difference because they really cared for me. They were on the journey with me. Michelle always had time for me, no matter how busy she was. She takes the time just to have a chat or coffee with me because she really cares about me. I can still phone her anytime with any questions … and she doesn’t charge me! She always said she thought of me as her friend and she proved it. I feel so fortunate to have worked with her and have her by my side, especially during the difficult times when I cried a lot. Now we can smile together. I am so happy.

Deale and Alicia

In 2015, 3 days leading up to our engagement party, Deale and myself (Alicia) found ourselves quickly looking for an immigration lawyer after receiving an email from Immigration, and this is when we found Michelle. After an application error from a 3rd party, we saw ourselves in a situation of Deale facing deportation. We knew we had one option – apply for a partnership visa within a hurried 2-week turnaround.

Deale initially met with Michelle and spent time discussing our initial application issues and helped piece together a course of action to allow us both to remain together in Australia and enjoy our engagement! To say the next two weeks were stressful and overwhelming is an understatement, but having the ongoing support and industry knowledge of Michelle and long with our family and friends kept us determined and saw us lodge our partnership 820 visa by the imminent deadline.

Once our application was lodged and over the following months, Deale and I continued to regularly provide supporting documents (bills, photos, invitations, emails and lots more!) to Michelle so she could continually liaise with our immigration case officer to give our application the best opportunity of being successful. She sheltered any queries throughout the process unless she required further information which helped us continue to move forward with our day to day routine and plan for our upcoming wedding. In January 2016 whilst our application continued to be assessed, Deale and I married in McLaren Vale. It was such a lovely time for our two families to come together from the UK and Australia.

April 2016 brought amazing news for us; our visa was successfully granted! I remember leaving work early and heading down to Michelle’s office to surprise her with flowers to show our gratitude for her help throughout the whole process.

Never have we met a professional that has made us feel so comfortable and at ease in such a highly intense and sensitive situation. I remember how emotional I was the first time I met Michelle, I cried for the duration of the appointment due to the angst and stress the situation had caused. However, Michelle’s kind, genuine and reassuring nature makes you feel comfortable and reassured throughout the whole process. We found her guidance and expertise beneficial and would highly recommend her services to all those needing immigration support in the future, as she certainly changed our lives – for the best!

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