Unlawful Non Citizen (UNC)

What is an Unlawful Non-Citizen (UNC)

A non-citizen in Australia is someone who does not hold a visa in effect (i.e.  the visa ceases), is unlawful and subject to detention and removal from Australia. If your visa has expired and you have not lodged a substantive visa application, or made arrangements to leave Australia, you can be detained.  

It is your responsibility to be aware of your visa expiry date. If you ignore it, through fear or lack of perceived options, you will become unlawful and the consequences can be devastating to you and your family. The longer you remain unlawful, the more difficult it will become for you. 

Your first step is to contact us to seek advice before you go to the Department. We will advise you on your options to remain legally in Australia, and we will support you in your communication with the Department. If you go to the Department without representation you can be detained or granted a Bridging E visa to make arrangements to leave Australia. You will be interviewed by the Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) and they will gather as much information as possible regarding matters such as family, employment and financial situation. Your answers to the Department’s questions may be detrimental to your options, so be careful. Seek our help first to legalise your status in Australia.  

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